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Why a tutorial about jQuery Mobile?

Did you notice that did not exist, apart the official site of jQuery Mobile, tutorials explaining this subject as a whole? Clearly, how to use it effectively to build an application from A to Z.

It is why I decided to write this tutorial. My ambition is to update it as soon as the jQuery Mobile library is updated by their conceptors.

So you should always find here the latest documentation about this product.

Inside the tutorial

This tutorial is divided into 3 parts:

Chapters of the tutorial

Part one Part two Part three (available only in the app)
Display graphic components JavaScript Programming Case study
  1. jQuery Mobile installation
  2. Displaying windows
  3. Displaying lists
  4. Displaying buttons
  5. Displaying data in tables
  6. Displaying form elements
  7. Displaying toolbars
  1. jQuery Mobile conventions
  2. Create a jQuery Mobile component
  3. Managing windows
  4. Managing lists
  5. Managing buttons
  6. Managing data in tables
  7. Managing input fields
  8. Managing selection lists
  9. Managing checkboxes
  10. Managing radio buttons
  11. Managing switches
  12. Managing sliders
  13. Managing accordion menus
  14. Managing toolbars
  15. Databases on the client side
  16. GPS and Google Maps
  1. Kinematics of the application
  2. Step 1 : Connecting
  3. Step 2 : Display connected members
  4. Step 3 : Sending messages
  5. Step 4 : Receiving messages
  6. Full application

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For the small price of $1, you can have a full access to all the chapters of the book. No internet connection is needed to read it.

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